It's Teen Read Week - Oct 12 -18!

Thank God for librarians! They've saved me again.

I'm so dumb that I didn't even realize it's Teen Read Week - until a librarian reminded me. Even now, as a writer for teens, I'm still relying on librarians to help me get things straight. 

Here are 3 books your teen readers might like. Each of them is the first in a series. For the Unwind 'dystology' and Maximum Ride, several books are available in the series. The 5th Wave has a second book available already. 

I'd be crazy not to add my own Delphi Trilogy here. Teens are telling me they're burning through these books All three books are available now. 

I give each of these books 5 Rousers! If your teen - or you - haven't read these, check them out. You'll keep the pages turning and want more when you get to the end. 

Join the Reading Rabble!

or: The blog formerly known as ...

What happens when you feed too many brain burgers to a restless crowd of word-heads? You get a rabble.

This is a rabble.

This is a rabble.


This is the official first blog post of "The Reading Rabble" - but not my official first ever blog post. I've waxed ancient and modern, archaeology and writerly for a couple of years now at my former blog "Brain Burgers". If you were a faithful reader - thanks. If not, worry not. We'll get those old posts moved over here soon enough.

But until the archives arrive (under high security and armed escort), let this introduction serve as "content." 



What you can expect to find here among the "Reading Rabble": 

  • A lot of activity and info for young readers
  • Lots of book talk (reviews and special guests)
  • Focus on young people's reading issues
  • Library talk (not necessarily at a library tone)
  • Updates on my writing projects
  • Writing clinics (for young and older writers)
  • Tidbits of interesting stuff that pops up from my research
This is a Rabble Rouser - our book rater.

This is a Rabble Rouser - our book rater.


When we do book reviews, we'll post a rating system out of 5. Probably use a rabble rouser like this guy. 

Your interaction will be important. I'm dying to hear what you think of my books and of the stuff we post. We want your suggestions and input. So, keep coming back and JOIN THE RABBLE!


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Chris Everheart is author of 19 books for young readers, including the recently completed Delphi Trilogy, a teen thriller series described as "unputdownable," a page-turner that will keep even the most reluctant of readers engaged until the very end.