Hunt for the world's oldest treasures ...

with the world's youngest archaeologist!

Get an autographed copy of Seti's Charm.

Get an autographed copy of Seti's Charm.

Seti’s Charm is the first book in the “Max Carter Adventures” series about a daring teen thrust into the role of the world’s youngest consulting archaeologist and his dangerous missions to preserve history’s most precious objects.

Fourteen-year-old Max Carter has grown up in his grandfather’s museum, training to be the world’s youngest archaeologist. When the museum is robbed and burned by greedy smugglers, Grandpa begs Max to return their prized possession to Egypt and break the curse that caused this disaster. But Seti’s Charm—a priceless funeral amulet from the mummy of Pharaoh Seti I—is in the hands of murderous thugs.

While Grandpa lies in a hospital bed and Max’s wicked step-grandmother schemes to turn their lives upside down, Max enlists the help of a giant Frenchman with a shady past. Together, they chase Seti’s Charm to a tropical island where Max braves shark-infested waters, machine gun fire, explosions, capture, and torture to learn the shocking true reason that Seti’s Charm was stolen. But will he get the legendary object back and return it to its rightful owners in time to save Grandpa and the only life he’s ever known?

“Alex Rider meets Young Indiana Jones. Seti’s Charm is a smash-bang teen adventure with brains!”
Paul Aertker, author of the Crime Travelers series