Reading Rabble Review: "Portals of Infinity" book 2 "The God Game" by John Van Stry

4 Rabbles with an R for excellence in a wonderful sequel.

Will’s life has definitely changed since that day he went hiking in the woods of Pennsylvania. He’s discovered that reality is a lot bigger and stranger than he had ever imagined. Learning about the portals that link the infinite number of worlds opened his eyes to that wider reality. Learning that he was being groomed to become the Champion of a God in one of those realities was an even more startling discovery. 

But now it’s time for him to pay the bill for his ‘recruitment’. Just as the Gods on a single world fight and jockey for power and position, the older Gods from the many different spheres of the infinite play a much larger and more complicated game. The Goddess Aryanna has a quest she needs completed, and William and four other Champions are the ones tasked to do it. 

What bothers Will however is what could a Goddess possibly need? And why would it take five Champions to retrieve it?

Another great book from author John Van Stry. The "Portals of Infinity: Book Two: The God Game" is a well written and exciting sequel. I have enjoyed this series tremendously! In this story, our hero Will is asked to take part in a quest with four other champions. Since Will is on very friendly terms with Aryanna, the god who needs his help, he agrees. Will is only in his first year as a champion to the god Feliogustus and is not very experienced with the portals and the worlds to be encountered. Therefore, other champions will accompany him on the journey. All have various levels of experience and the leader of the group is someone from Will's past. This leads to some interesting situations and plot developments.

Led through multiple worlds, each with their own challenges and dangers, our champions must use brain and brawn to continue their quest. In each new world, our heroes can find themselves 'changed' into the forms of the people found on that world. This leads to some fascinating and sometimes downright funny situations. More on this would spoil the story, but trust me it is well worth reading just to see the 'changes'.

Readers of classical literature, (no hints here) will definitely recognize the origin of this story. The author took a classic hero's journey story and brought it to life with an original plot. There is humor, violence, and sex to be found galore in this next installment of the "Portals of Infinity" series. Just like in the review for the first book, I would be remiss if I didn't mention those aspects of the book. Just as in the first book though, none of the 'mature content' is too graphic or out of place to warrant a negative rating, but gatekeepers will want to take a teen's maturity level into consideration when recommending the 'Portals' books. Reluctant Readers will find themselves hooked on this story. It continues the easy reading and exciting action found in the first book "Champion for Hire".

4 Rabbles with an R is easy to give this excellent sequel.

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